Charles Campbell Concert
WERE Cleveland
Riverside Theater Performance
Henry Miller Birthday Party
Second City Performance
In the Studio With Lionel Hampton
Footlocker Gems 1 & 2
Lord Buckley in Florida
Lord Buckley Studio Recording
Grief-Garris Acetates
Lord Buckley At Lake Arrowhead
Car Commercial
Outside at the Inside
Earl Brown Tape
RCA Outtakes
The Lighthouse
Turk Murphy Acetates

Unreleased Material

In the 1950's portable tape recorders became more common and Lord Buckley quickly sought to utilize them to capture his performances both on stage and off. The following list of recordings are a mix of studio outtakes, radio air checks, live gigs, and causual conversations. None of them, as far as we know, have been released as commercial recordings unless otherwise indicated. Each citation contains as much information as is known to LBC at this time. Click on the links to the left to learn more about these recordings.