Hipsters, Flipsters and Finger Poppin' Daddies
Album Title   Hipsters, Flipsters and Finger Poppin' Daddies Knock Me Your Lobes
Media   33 1/3 rpm 12" vinyl and 45 rpm EP
Record Company   RCA Victor
Catalog #   LPM-3246 (10" 33 rpm LP)
EPB-3246 (7" 45 rpm EP- 2 record set)
Year of Issue   19719550
1   Friends, Romans, Countrymen
2   Hip Hiawatha
3   The Raven (The Bugbird)
4   To Swing Or Not To Swing?
5   Boston Tea Party
6   Is This The Sticker?
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illustrations by Jim Flora




Since the beginning of time to the present day in this modern era, nobility has survived through all the constant transitions taking place in history. Through all the ups and downs in all the Royal families there has emerged one nobleman who sincerely follows the belief that "humor is the health of the nation." With this quotation in mind, RCA Victor takes pride in introducing to you, His Majesty, Lord Buckley.

Here Ye! Here Ye! Here Ye!

All you hipsters and flipsters out there, knock me your lobes and stop all that unnecessary goofing! I am the real pretender to the Throne, Lord Buckley! I am sure that you have all heard of me, but let us look at the record just for a moment. I was born in a little town the size of a 'quail's nest." Man, this village was so small I had to leave there because there wasn't even enough room for me to change my mind, but that was many years ago.

I was named "Richard Buckley" that night of April 5, 1906, and was told upon my introduction to this sweet, swinging sphere, that I was the youngest of thirteen children. If we had all been boys, we would have had the greatest football team of that era, but this not being the case, we all went our separate ways.

I started out as a dishwasher, switched to truck driver, lumberjack, and had reached the ripe old age of 30 before I recognized my true calling.

I suddenly realized, I was a lord!

Now, easy, cats, don't leave me now. It is true, I was a lord and as such, was title "Lord Buckley." This lordship was ordained upon me by the almighty power of the true philosophy of life that we are all lords and ladies.

I knew then that I had a mission to do. That of relating to all you cool swingsters and mad ones, the real translation of history as it really happened, and man, did it happen!

Sure, you learned it one way. The way one old teacher picked it up from another old teacher and wished it on you, but, dig me hard now, 'cause if you don't, you'll never find out how the whole, cool scene was laid out.

There was a stomping cat by the name of "Wee Willie Shakespeare." Not the one who played for Ye Old College of Notre Dame. This cat goes back to the olden days before Knute Rockne. Well, anyway, he spread the word about Brutus (you remember him - he stuck the sticker into the swinger of all times, a cat by the name of "Caesar") ad was finally done in by another stud whose calling card read "Marc Anthony." Well, inside this album, I lay the true story on you about Marc. He swung like nobody before him has ever swung. AI fact, I spread the word like it has never been spread before.

Now, take this cat, Shakespeare! He was the treacherous one, 'cause, man, he was a square. Have you ever tried to decode what the cat was trying to say about the stud with the flipped lid, Hamlet? For the first time in history the true story of Hamlet ad his Number One chick, Ophelia (who, if you remember correctly, was a seven-ply gasser) is told. Very few interpretations ever told how these two really grooved together.

Then, there's the story about the Indian stud by the name of "Hip Hiawatha." He was a jumping, stomping, hopping hipster that really cut a mean groove. His was the tale that history was so easy on that you won't believe it until you've heard it.

Also, I straighten you on the inside story of the Boston Tea Party. Do you realize, (this fact never came out in history books) that those cats in Boston poured so much tea in the ocean that all the fishes in that area got hung on tea balls and the only way they could catch a fish in the next fifty years was to tie a tea ball on the end of a hook. Without it, man, they were dead.

But frankly, my subjects, the main reason for all this is because the stories that have been laid on you in front are all wrong. You all have been misled long enough. It is time for the facts to be known, so sit back, man, play it cool and listen, 'cause I intend on laying the straightener on all of you cats at once!

-Lord Buckley