Euphoria Volume 1
Album Title   Euphoria Volume 1
Media   10" LP (mono)
Record Company   Vaya Records
Catalog #   VLP 101/2
Year of Issue   1955 (recorded in 1951)
1   The Nazz
2   Mark Anthony's Funeral Oration
3   Nero
4   Murder
Label Variations    
Misc. Notes  

Same album was released on red vinyl on Vaya Records; # CPM 10-1715LP, and as Euphoria, a 12" mono LP; # VLP-101/102 in 1957.




In reality this is the story of the Nazarene, an interpretation. by Richard Buckley, of the events in the life of Christ leading to each of three miracles starting with the selection of the twelve disciples and embracing the miracle of the healing of the cripple, Christ walking on the water, and the feeding of the multitudes.


A direct translation of the famous Shakesperean declamation in Julius Caesar (Friends, Romans, Countrymen, etc.) from the original works of William Shakespeare to the enticing hipster's vocabulary of Lord Buckley.



Again Lord Buckley uses the flexible language of the hipster in characterizing the famous Roman Emperor, his outrageous deeds, and the events leading to the crucifixion of the Christians as taken from Quo Vodis.


Murder follows a different vein entirely, and inasmuch as the enjoyment of this selection may be hindered by our explanation, we await your approval.


Lord Buckley, as he is known by the entertainment world and his intimate friends, is more a way of life than just a personality. It has always been his philosophy that all people are in reality royalty; that is to say they are truly Lords and Ladies, Dukes and Duchesses, Prince and Princesses; and if each were to treat the other with the niceties and courtesies afforded members of a Royal Court the world would be a better place in which to live. This philosophy is carried out in all he does in his professional and personal life.

Lord Richard Buckley, a philosophic humorist, has been associated with almost every phase of the theatrical world. He has appeared in famous niteries and theatres across the continent including: the Riviera, Roxy, Latin Quarter, Palace, and Strand in New York; the Oriental, Chez Paree, and Ball of Fire in Chicago; the Riverside Hotel, Reno; Chase Hotel, St Louis; Chi Chi, I Palm Springs; El Rancho Vegas, Las Vegas; The Crescendo, Hollywood, and innumerable clubs and theatres of varied sizes throughout the country. He has been seen in several movies, the last entitled We're Not Married, and his TV appearances are highlighted by his memorable performances on Ed Sullivan's Toast of the Town and the Milton Berle Show.

Lord Buckley, in his distaste for the usual stereotyped projection of humor, has gone far afield in search of humor with beauty, depth, and perception. We feel he has found it and on this - record delivers it with great love and respect for the people about whom he paints has fascinating word pictures.

The rich color of the dialects of the many groups of people in the world has long interested Lord Buckley, and has aided him in depicting a multitude of wonderful characters. This, his first recording effort, is done in the dialect and language of the modern hipsters. The intricate, lingual colloqualisms provide an interesting and gratifying challenge to the listener.

''The flowers, the gorgeous, mystic, multi-colored flowers are not the flowers of LIFE but people, yes people are the true flowers of LIFE; and it has been a most precious pleasure to have temporarily strolled in YOUR garden."

Lord Buckley