Riffs 2004


January 15,2004
Marx And The Master

All you cats and kitties that dig the rad-e-oo and the vid-e-oo have got to get your hands on this flip of the binary platter. A four DVD disc set has been issued of Groucho Marx's hit TV quiz show "You Bet Your Life" - and take a wild and crazy guess as to why we are laying this data on you here. His Lordship made a guest appearance on Oct 11, 1956. It's nine plus minutes of pure and flipperated Buckley. His Lordship and Groucho trade wit and quips and knowing glances. Buckley does a bit of hip and some singing and he aces the four questions musical quiz.

This box set is available through Tower, Amazon, Best Buy and many other outlets.



January 15, 2004
The Results Are In ! ! !

###The First Occasional Lord Buckley Invitational%%% is a contest to see who can flip the greatest Buckleyesque story on the populance. Entries can be either written or recorded. And dig this, the looty in the booty in the form of First, Second and Third place prizes. The winners and honorable mentions will be available for reading and listening to in the Faux For All section at LBC.

So, cats and kitties pull on your wigs like a madman at a taffy pull and lay a little Lord Buckley on us!!!!!



March 4, 2004
Grover Sales On Valentine's Day
Grover Sales 1920 - 2004

My regal cats and kitties, we lay the sad news on Thee that a brilliant witness and affectionado of the Lord has swooped the sphere. Jazz and culture writer, teacher and bebop wig strecher Grover Sales, who once was Lord Buckley's publicist in the San Francisco Bay Area, died on Valentines day in Tiburon, California

Sales was a tireless champion of jazz and jazz related topics. He was on the faculty of The Jazzschool and supplied the Bay Area with a wealth of published articles for 50 plus years. He was known for having strong opinions and for being a delightful contrarian, however he might disagree with that assessement.

Writer Doug Cruickshank laid this on us from Leah Garchik's March 8th column in the S.F. Chronicle:

P.P.S. Cultural historian and critic Grover Sales used to carry a card to leave in restaurants where music was played that he didn't like. "If we ate what we listened to,'' said the card, "we'd all be dead.''



March 12, 2004
Mars Bebop Intercept

Just off the inside wire (see authentic Unoffical Space Photo to the left), the monkey scientists at the Monkey Force Academy are getting ready to send a couple of luteheads and fluteheads to the Crazy Crimson Sphere. Dig the proof below:

Estranged Aficionados,
Well it's been a couple of months since The Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble has appeared in public. In a delusional attempt to achieve Vainglory, we have accepted an invitation to perform at the infamous Ammonia Spas in Crater B-19, Mars. Yes, friends, the members of The Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble will be the first humans to set foot on the Red Planet. Our tuxedo will be the first tuxedo on Mars. Our drummer, Sir Kevin, will supply the first goatee on Mars and our Pianist, Prince Charles, will be our official translator because the cat is FROM Mars. According to local custom, the natives will issue to us their famous and technologically superior respirators to get the ball rolling. An elaborate banquet will ensue where we will dine on the roasted parts of our own Rovers. The head Martian, Mr. Mxyzyptlyk, and his Queen, Mr. Mchljksn will then lead us on a tour of their subterranean capitol and Interplanetary Oddity Petting Zoo. We have been assured that security will be tight so that no Mugwumps or Transpecies Hermaphrobots will have an opportunity to spoil the evening. We hope to see you there but if you can't make it, pray for us. We are out of this world!



April 20, 2004
Some Like It Hip

You cats and kitties with that seven year itch may find some relief in today's news. Twentieth Century Fox Home Video has released a DVD version of "We're Not Married" starring Marilyn Monroe, Ginger Rodger, Fred Allen and the Beloved Avatar of Swing and Saint of All Misfits, Lord Buckley. This 1952 black and white comedy poses the question "What would happen if the minister that married you wasn't legally a minister when he I do'd you?" The answer is provided via a series of short sketches including one with Lord Buckley as a radio show producer. In an interview His Lordship called the flick "a very long, interesting stinker." The DVD is available at Amazon.com

The DVD is available at Amazon.com



May 12, 2004
Speak The Jive Alive !

Most Esteemed and Jumpin' Majesties, we have swung with the book and expanded the latitutde of the attitude a bit more this day. Knowing that a number of you studs and stallions dig barrels full of the semantic units, we here at LordBuckley.com are proud to announce the addition of four beautiful new entries in the Speak the Jive section.

Transcribed from interview tapes from Michael Monteleone and Roger Mexico's documentary film about Lord Buckley "Too Hip For The Room", these four interviews really flip the meter.This way on out there quartet is composed of Marxist historian author and jazz writer Eric Hobsbawm, jazz critic Grover Sales, Oxford educated swinger Gregory Toliver and recent Pulitzer Prize nominee author Barry Sanders.





June 20, 2004
There's No Place Like Tuolumne

The California gold country township of Tuolumne will be celebrating it's 150th Anniversary on Saturday, September 25. A formal opening ceremony with showcase dignitaries making pronouncements from the gazebo in the park, Veterans raising the flag and the Miwuk Tribal Leader offering a prayer. Hosted by the Tuolumne Park and Recreation District and sponsored by the Black Oak Casino (the local band of Miwuks have set up a gambling parlor in town), the day's entertainment will include a Royal Court Jazz Brunch to honor Tuolumne's most famous native son. From 11am to 2pm, the Wandering Bishops, a local performance art troupe, will serve up live music with plenty of Buckley shtick at Friends ("You always have friends in Tuolumne") coffee house located at 18698 Pine St.

The folowing month, there will be a presentation about his Lordship at the Tuolumne City Memorial Museum, 18663 Carter Street, Tuesday, October 5 at 7 PM. The blurb reads: Like Mark Twain, Buckley was a post-war humorist who helped reinterpret American values during an era of dramatic social change. The presentation will focus on an overview of this Tuolumne native's career, his impact on our culture and why he continues to be so popular today. A collection of Buckley memorabilia will be on display.

Besides the display, there will also be a 150th Commemorative book, video and a time capsule.

Contact Info:

Tuolumne City Memorial Museum
Post Office Box 1174
Tuolumne, CA 95379
Telephone (209) 928-3516
Web: www.TuolumneMuseum.org
E-mail: Info@TuolumneMuseum.org



June 30, 2004
S.A.L. Reenters The Atmosphere

S.A.L. (the Space Ambassadors of Love) aka Jason Eisenberg's Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble have returned from their recent flip on the Red Planet and will reveal all the Martian Secrets of Getting Hip and Staying There when they hit the boards July 23rd at the historic 19th Century Vail-Leavitt Music Hall in Riverhead, New York.

Accompanying Sir Jason will be the Jazz Orchestra of the Royal Court: Prince Charles Watterson-piano, Peter Kaufman-trumpet, Rod Borrie-trombone, John Dewitt-bass, Kevin Twigg-drums. There is a very strong rumor in the wild winds that there will be an announcement concerning the Ensemble's candidacy for the United States Presidents of the Mind.

All hip cats and kitties are strongly advised to make the scene !

Jason Eisenberg's
Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble
Friday July 23, 2004 8PM
Long Island's Vail-Leavitt Music Hall
18 Peconic Ave. Riverhead, NY

Reservations: 631 727 5782
$15/12 students, seniors, veterans

Advance tickets available through the following ticket partners:

East End Arts Council
133 East Main Street - Riverhead Phone (631)727-0900

Boardwalk Restaurant On Main
65 East Main Street - Riverhead Phone (631)369-4445

EastEnders Coffee House
40 East Main Street - Riverhead Phone (631)727-2656
NOTE: No credit cards accepted at the coffee house location


Vail-Leavitt Music Hall [not an active link]


DOWNLOAD THE PDF (608k) [not an active link]

EastEnders Coffee House [not an active link]



July 19, 2004
Automatic Reincarnation

Hipster patriots knock me your lobes ! The ticker tape is flippin' with the news that The Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble (masterfully helmed by the Jumpin' Sir Jason Eisenberg) has announced it's candidacy for President of the United States of Mind under the banner of the Automatic Party.

Standing precariously, in jazz formation, on the edge of the purple vapor wrapped B-19 crater at their campaign and rehearsal headquaters, Sir Jason Eisenberg and TLBR look radiant in their swingin' silver jump band uniforms replete with nitro-helium tanks and digital voice pitch shifters.

You cats and kitties that are looking for a way to vote your meta-conscience consider the hip alternative of The Lord Buckley Reincarnation Ensemble of the Automatic Party !

For those of you Regals that wish to dig the platform riff click to the left on TLBR's PDF


TLBR PDF (Caution: 2.3 meg download) [not an active link]



July 27, 2004
Now, about them Christian Cats . . .

Most of the email that comes from all you sweet cats and kitties is sent down the chute to thesecular editor in the Church of the Living Swing department. The nature of the beast is such that most inquiries and comments belong, rightfully, there. But, once in a while, a lovely hip missive makes it's way along the inside wire and we are able to dig the power of His Lordship in the land of them Christian Cats. The email below came in response to a LordBuckley.com mailing last week announcing Sir Jason of Eisenberg's latest Reincarnation flip. Please lay your loving peepers on this jumpin' epistle.

Greetings, dear Prince!
I am flipped, wigged and grooved to have your e-missive re the cats and kitties in Long Island, digging the Lord in mufti.
I thought you would be similarly gassed to know that The Gasser lives on, and was recently wailing in South Dakota.
I was on a Jesus-kick with my 14 year old last week, in a Black Hills-based bible camp, surrounded by with-it kids putting down The Word with such beauty and such charm that fa-DAM...it stayed there.
Came time for a show (and I really blow with a big show), and I was seized by inspiration. My time came, and I WAILED with The Gasser. At its mighty conclusion, you could have heard a pin drop.
Them kids eyes was like dinner plates. Sensational! They ain't NEVER dug no jazz like that before in all their BORN days.
Lord Buckley forever!
Jared Hoke



August 1 2004
Der Eggle Swoops
Ed Randolph 1922 - 2004

Prince Markow The Younger has just laid a wig downing headline on LBC: Ed Randolph, 82, dubbed Prince Eaglehead by His Lordship because of his prominent beak, has sadly swooped the sphere. English by birth, international by choice, Randolph's career ranged far and wide. To the Buckleyscenti he is known primarily for having produced the rarest of all Buckley albums: ###Parabolic Revelations of the Late Lord Buckley: A Collection of Six Lessons by the 'Hip Messiah'%%%. He was also a salesman, advance man, magazine model and a Monte Carlo gambling innovator of extraordinary and metalegal inventiveness. In his last charming manifestation, well into his seventies, Der Eggle, could be found smoking the curls just off shore at sunny Waikiki Beach or puckishly plucking "When the Saints Go Marching In" on his ukelele. He was fond of word play and puns and he had a great fluency with Carny Talk, he loved to laugh and was just as likely to make fun of himself as he was to goof on his buddy cats. LBC curator, Michael Monteleone, a personel friend, remembers Prince Eaglehead: "He was a miracle of spirit and delightful company. He would call from Hawaii just to tell me the latest joke he had learned. About two weeks ago, I called him to wish him happy birthday. He was on some pain medication but even through the fog of his meds he was finding things in my words to twist into something that made me laugh." Prince Eaglehead died July 31, 2004 in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is survived by his loving, care taking brother John.





November 11, 2004
The Lord Votes Dizzy

Beloveds, still undecided this election cycle? Freak not for The Lord and Dizzy are here to hip you to the right chad, dad !

Jake Broder, that intrepid actor of stage, screen and the mightly little beam has brewed up a new batch of his delightful Lord Buckley elixer for Thee and Thine.

###Vote Dizzy ! A Evening with His Royal Hipness Lord Buckley%%% is the title of Broder's latest stage invocation of all things hip, sassy and with it. It will be presented at the Soho Theatre + Writers' Centre in London (Jolly Ol' style) October 14th to November 6th, 2004. Dig the data below.

###Soho Theatre + Writers' Centre%%%
21 Dean Street, London W1

###Box Office 0870 429 6883%%%
online at www.sohotheatre.com

###Performance dates and times%%%
14 October to 6 November at 9.30pm
Ticket prices
£15 (£12 concessions)


Click here for Press Release [not an active link]



December 3, 2004
The Scribe Is Alive !

Oliver Trager, the man behind "Dig Infinity! The Life and Art of Lord Buckley" has flipped a new and decidedly hip tome on the populance. "Keys To The Rain The Definitive Bob Dylan Encyclopedia" is a gasser of a reference riff. Filled to the brim with info about songs, album, and people it is a veritable Dylan love fest.

Says Trager, "Besides my family I have three great loves in life: Lord Buckley, the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan. And now I've covered the action !""Keys To The Rain" is published by Billboard Books. ISBN number 0-8230-7974-0.


Dig this book at Amazon