Riffs 1998

February 1998
Producer Prince Venet Swoops the Satellite
Nik Venet 1935 - 1998

Lord Buckley Online is greatly saddened to announce the passing of legendary record producer Nik Venet on January 2, 1998 in Los Angeles. Prince Venet, as a 19 year old wanne-be producer, was given the arguably envious task of getting Lord Buckley to the studios of World Pacific Records every night after his gig at the Club Renaissance. Venet had a big hand in getting His Lordship's swingin'riffs onto the tape and into our ears. We extend our sympathies to those that loved Nik and wish him a swingin' time wherever he has landed

A footnote: LBO Curator Michael Monteleone and Hip Semantic Riffer Neal McCabe did a video interview with Nik Venet on August 31, 1997. Look for a transcription of this interview to appear in the Speak The Jive section in the near future.