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Milords, Miladies of the Royal Court
I should like to salute William Shakespeare.
In this language he's called Willie the Shake.

You know why they called him Willie the Shake?
Because he shook everybody.
They give him a nickel's worth of ink and five cents worth of paper,
he sat down, wrote up such a breeze, brrt, that's all there was, Jack,
there was no more.

That's all she wrote! Ever'body got off!

Got so many studs arguin' about findin' about who he was
they blew his right name.
Understand what I mean?

Here's a stud that's so powerful and so great
they dig him up every six months, say,
"Yeah, dat's him, put him back. He's alright."

Too hard a stud.

An' you remember when Mark was swingin' wid Cleo on da Nile,
cruisin' under that crazy moon, wit dis wild crazy Cleo.

Wheeeew. Hmmmmmm.

Hello friends.

And Caesar got all goofed up and swung in dere to Rome
and got into that hassle and they sliced him all down. You're......

Naturally the Roman Senate was jumpin' slightly all over the place,
so Mark had to cool it.

So he fell in on 'em, he says:

Hipsters, flipsters, and finger-poppin' daddies,
Knock me your lobes.
I came here to lay Caesar out,
Not to hip you to him.
The bad jazz that a cat blows,
Wails long after he's cut out.
The groovey, the groovey is often stashed
With their frames.
So don't put Caesar down.

To swing, or not to swing, that is the hang-up!

From Buckley's Best, World Pacific Records

Transcribed by EARL RIVERS