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[musical introduction]

Whoa! Wasn't that like a beautiful circus?
Wasn't it really?

Seemed to me like it was a beautiful circus.
Didn't it to you?

All kinds of flags wavin' and a hummin' and a jumpin'
and a runnin' and a flippin'...
You're very beautiful.

The lead drummer there owns one of the largest health farms in the valley.
He gets a little too healthy once in a while, you see.

Milords, Miladies. This is Lincoln's Day.

I'm waiting for someone to tell me it isn't.

It's Lincoln's Day.
Tomorrow should be Lincoln's Day
and the next day should be Lincoln's Day
and we should have Lincolnville and Lincoln Park and Lincoln Lincoln
and it should be Lincoln Head City
because he laid it down tight and right and cool and crazy.

If they could have stayed with it it would have been a gasser.

We're pretty tight on it.
We're pretty tight on it but we could tighten up a little bit.

We gotta knock out the greed heads.
Lincoln didn't dig the greed heads.
You understand what I mean?

Like the supermarkets for one kick.

Remember the first supermarkets?

They said, "Ho, the supermarket!

Got oranges, bananas, an' mannas an' sannas an' coos...
You go in." Say, "Oh, yes!"
"Whatta ya' do?"
"You get a cart."
"You do?"
"Well, where's the fruit?"
"It's over there."
"It is?"
"Have you seen the ravi... "
"No, I don't know anything about that."

And there you are pushin' in the supermarket with the cart.
You grab the cart and you go strolling up and down the aisles
and you load up all your jazz
and you're working for them, see?

But it's alright.
It's alright, because you're getting -
this is the beginning -
very, very, low, low, low, low prices.
Saving, you see.
So you don't mind, you know, pushing a little bit.

And then, a few swings of the ( ? ).
Same supermarket, same cart.
Prices - whhhhooooo!

And you're still pushin' the mother cart.
Still workin' for 'em.

And you'll even take carts and push them into other carts,
to show that you're... Right?
It's amazing.

But it's a charge, isn't it? I love to go...

I wish I had the nerve to be a great thief.

I know a fellow that can put seventeen sirloin steaks
in his britches and you can't see 'em.
Gets a little chill before he gets out of there.

Just loves to steal.

I can understand that. Can't you? Course.

Oh, it's a hangup!

Abe wouldn't dig that jazz.
Well, it's a kick anyway, isn't it?

What a great thing it is to be alive.

My Lords. My Ladies.

Would it embarrass you very much if I were to tell you that I love ya?

It embarrasses ya, doesn't it?

From Buckley's Best, World Pacific Records
Transcribed by EARL RIVERS