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Play me some beautiful dreamy music, dear Prince.


Subconscious mind, Milords, Miladies, Gentlemen.

Have you ever swung along a beautiful country road
with a gleam of sweet life in the air,
groovey with gold in your pocket,
ridin' a wild set a' wheels at an easy pace.


Are you there?

Everything is smooth and cool.
There's some traffic, but not too much traffic.
It's alright, you see, because you've, brrrttt, got everything covered.


An' you're drivin' along and the feel of the sun
and the radio's swingin' a beautiful, crazy, wild tune,
and you feel so good you, hah!, you're right in there tight.

Can you feel it?


And suddenly your mind, rrrrtttttt, goes over to Hippleyville,
and you start thinking about a beautiful girl that you met there five years ago.


And what a gasser she was.

Ho! Hah! Take me now!!!



Have your nose rubbed in a rose garden, so many roses...
Rauhhh... that you can't....later...

Indeed, indeed.

And you're thinkin' about how charming she was,
how gracious her people were,
what a ball you had,
what a beautiful time,
how how how sweet, how generous, how crazy,
how like a home in a home in a home HOME! kick it was.

An' you get t' thinkin' how you went out to the lake, an', man!...

Yes, yes, yeeesss, yes!

Yes, yes, yes


An' you go many many many other places
along that rosetta of the reverie kick,
an' all of a sudden you say


What am I doin', wait, I

what what what

Is everything alright?
I haven't hit anything I don't think,
I don't know.

Those fenders alright?


Good. Excellent. Well... Better watch what I'm doing here.

Who do you think's been driving while you were gone?!?!

Ho, get that dog outa here, Jim, so help me God I'll drill 'im!

Don't shoot 'im, Fred, he's a thoroughbred!


From Buckley's Best, World Pacific Records
Transcribed by EARL RIVERS