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Like to hear a good little commercial kick? Jingle? Like to hear a jingle?


Yes, I know honey they're trying to shoot the moon out of the sky so you girls can't jump over it any more. I read the papers, too, but let it down, baby, let it down.


Yes, I know, honey, you'd like to get out to them green lush fields with them honey birds swinging around the daffodils and the wild flowers and all them butterflys are flying around in that sweet breeze. And I want you to get there, but just do me a little favor, sugar, Let it down, baby, let it down.


Don't sing me none of your love songs, honey, I got eighteen of you girls to take care of this morning. That milk truck will be on here in a minute now, Let's not get fussy. Let's do what we're supposed to do, let's have a meeting of minds, Sugar, just let it down, baby, let it down.

Hey! Daggone, look at that fresh milk! By, God, it's nutritious, enriched. There'll be fresh milk for everybody today.

Thank you, Honey.



from "Blowing His Mind (and yours too) and included on the Demon Verbals release of "Lord Buckey In Concert",
transcribed by Michael Monteleone