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Georgia, Georgia, you so sweet, so kind
Oh, I can't get Georgia off my insane mind.
Georgia, Woo, pretty Georgia

"What are you doin' standing there on the sidewalk? Thought I told you a hundred times, you see me on the sidewalk you get in the road. Now git!"


Georgia, whoa pretty Georgia, you so sweet, so kind
Ooohhhh, I can't get Georgia off my crazy mind.
Laaaaa, la, la la la la, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia, Georgia

“Think you going to vote, aye? Well I'm going tell you something. You never going to vote and you might as well know it right now. And you better get on back to your house while you have a house to get to before the roof burn over your head. Now git!”


Georgia, woo Georgia, you so sweet, so kind.
Oh, I can't get Georgia off my insane mind.
La la la la la, la la la la lee la la la la la lee lee lee lee lee

“You gentlemen making a mistake there. You ask Mr. Johnson over there. Why he know me for nineteen year. He know I'd never do nothing like that. You ask that gentleman, he going to tell you and explain to you.”

“You did, you going to pay for it.”

“Gentlemen, please let me explain something to you gentlemen here. You gentlemen going to do something you going to be sorry for. Let me talk to somebody. Let me talk to somebody got some heart in him, that can realize –“

“Boy, take that rope and throw it over the limb of that tree over there.”

“Gentlemen, please, let me - No, no, wait, wait a minute, Boss. Don't be pushing me, Boss, Boss. Ain't, ain’t there somebody, ain't there somebody going to listen to - somebody? Ohh, unnhhh, unnhhhhhhhh, aaaahhhhhhh!”

Georgia, Georgia, oh, you so sweet, so kind
I can't get Georgia, off my crazy mind
Raa, ba bay swooh baa, boo bay.


from "Parabolic Revelations of the Late Lord Buckley"
transcribed by Michael Monteleone