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Lord Buckley Bibliography

All Hail Lord Buckley! Part I
by Douglas Cruickshank, San Francisco Examiner magazine Image, 9/6/92.

All Hail Lord Buckley! Part II
by Douglas Cruickshank, San Francisco Examiner magazine Image, 9/6/92.

Avant Gardist Of Humor
by Wayne D. McGinnis, Henderson State University, Reprinted from AMERICAN HUMOR: AN INTERDISCIPLINARY NEWSLETTER. Volume II, Number 1, Spring, 1975

Hipster Saint Lord Buckley
by Gene Sculatti, from The Catalog of Cool, edited by Gene Sculatti, Warner Books, ISBN 0-446-37515-2 (USA)

Introduction to the Hearing of LORD BUCKLEY
by Joseph Jablonski, from "Surrealism and It's Popular Accomplices", City Lights Books, 1980.

Lord Buckley, A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat
by Walt Stempek, from Goldmine Magazine, #407, pages 74-82, March 1, 1996.

Lord Buckley Rides Again!
by Douglas Cruickshank, SALON MAGAZINE (on-line), June 2002. NOTE: this link will take you to

Lord Buckley Rules: The Resurrection of the Exalted Wizard of Words
by Douglas Cruickshank, SALON Magazine (on-line), December 1995. NOTE: this link will take you to the back issues section of SALON Magazine.

Lorden som bildade skola för många artister
by Klas Gustafson, Dagen Nyheter, January 10, 1987. An article about Lord Buckley in a Swedish newspaper. In Swedish.

Stompin' the Sweet Swingin' Sphere!
by Oliver Trager, Organica Magazine, Summer 1992.

The Lord Who Became a Performer's Performer
by Klas Gustafson, Dagen Nyheter, January 10, 1987. An article about Lord Buckley in a Swedish newspaper. In English.

The Word of The Lord
by Tom Dalzell, Flappers 2 Rappers, 1996, Merriam-Webster (ISBN 0-8779-612-2), Pgs 108-109 (Also a paragraph on page 101), A most cool tome swinging with the sweet sound of American youth slang. The Buckley section is a gasser!

Tongue Dancer
by Ian Anderson, FROOTS magazine, Issue 194/195, August/September 1999, pages 63-67. Editor/writer Ian Anderson tells the story of the noblest wig bender of them all, the blessed Lord Buckley.

BAM Magazine
#496N, 11/1/96, The Resurrection of Lord Buckley, by James Sullivan, page 13, view the cover

Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me
by Richard Farina, Penguin Books USA, ISBN 0140189300, Chapter 4. Special thanks to Prince Richard Lavery for hipping us to this cool tome citing.

Breaking It Up - The Best Routines of the Stand-up Comics
Edited by Ross Firestone - 1975 1st Edition - view the book cover

Buckley: High Lord of the Hip, Cool Groove
by Lawrence Christon, Los Angeles Times magazine Calendar, 9/18/83

Chronicles: Volume One
by Bob Dylan, Simon & Schuster, ISBN: 0743244583, In Chapter 5 Dylan writes about Lord Buckley for one paragraph, 2004 . Click here to view the book cover.

Cabaret-Card Fight Set Off by 'Lord' Buckley's Death
author not listed, the village VOICE, 11/17/60

Dance of the Sleepwalkers - The Dance Marathon Fad
by Frank M. Calabria , published by Bowling Green State University Popular Press, 1993, ISBN: 0-87972-569-9 Clothbound, 0-87972-570-2 Paperback, Dick "Lord" Buckley is mentioned on Page 31.

Dark Horse - The Private Life of George Harrison
by Geoffrey Giuliano, published by PLUM, page 155, ISBN 0-452-26700-5.

Dead Funny
an article about Bill Hicks, Lenny Bruce and Lord Buckley in the magazine Cannibis Culture, Feb/Mar 2005 issue

Dig Infinity! - the life and art of Lord Buckley
by Oliver Trager, published by Welcome Rain Publishers, 405 pages, photograph section, CD with Buckley performances and interviews, ISBN 1-56649-157-6.

From Birdland to Broadway - scenes from a jazz life
by Bill Crow, Oxford University Press, 1992, ISBN 0-19-508550-7, pages 58-60. View the cover

From Flappers to Rapper: American Youth Slang
by Tom Dalzell, Dover Publications, paperback 304pgs, highly readable exploration of slang from the end of the 1800's right up to the pounce of now.

Heah's Yo Ole Dady, Lord Buckley!
by Albert Goldman, High Times magazine, circa 1977, article begins on page 75.

Hell's Angels
by Hunter S. Thompson, Penguin Paperbacks, 1966, page 192, Thompson mentions Lord Buckley in reference to the behavior of one of the Angels. Thanks to Roger Mexico for teasing this citation out of the literary fabric.

High Times, Hard Times
by Anita O'Day, G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1981. O'Days biography includes a description of Buckley in the Chicago nightclub scene during the '30s. ISBN 0-87910-118-0

Hiparama of the Classics
by Lord Buckley, City Lights Books. 1960. Transcriptions of Lord Buckley routines. A number of transcriptions of His Lordship's work are available at this website in the Wordland section.

Hipsters & Flipsters, Your Lord Returneth
by Ed Batchelder, in the magazine JAZZIZ, page 15, article about Tom Calagna's "Lord Buckley Alive !" stage performance, Volume 16 Number 2, February 1999

Hipsters and Flipsters
by Gariel Favoino, in his column The Pop Side, Chicago Sun-Times, section three, page 8, 8/28/60

Hipsters, Flipsters and Skin-Poppin' Daddies: The Way-Out, Sick, Beat Humor of Lord Buckley and Lenny Bruce
by Don Waller, The Rolling Stone Book of the Beats. New York: Rolling Stone Press, 1999, pp. 307-313. The article also features a photo of Lord and Lady Buckley on p. 309. Another essay in the same volume, Brian Hassett's "Abstract Expression: From Bird to Brando," includes two paragraphs about His Lordship, quoting Oliver Trager and Ken Kesey. A royal swingin' bow and nod to Lady Maggie Newman who hipped us to this jumpin' focal point.

His Humor's Both Hip And Healthy
by Don Keown, Independent-Journal, San Rafael, CA, 1960, pages M5-M6, 6/18/60

His Lordship's Last Days
by Harold L. Humes, Swank magazine, Volume 8 No. 2, May 1961, pages 55-57, also see The Hipster's Nero by Lord Buckley in the same issue.

King of Cats
by RJ Smith, Los Angeles Magazine, Special Comedy Issue June 2005, page 96.

Lenny Bruce: The making of a prophet
by Thomas, William Karl, Archon Books, Hamden, Conn, 1989. There is a short (about 2 pages, easy to find because the book is well indexed) but very thoughtful take on Bruce's relationship with Lord Buckley, and the difference between Bruce's pessimistic, political humour and and Buckley's joyful appreciation of life and its strangeness. Special thanks to Prince Andrew Wilson for this hip citation.

Lord Buckley
by Alan Weberman, "Changes" a bi-weekly newspaper, New York City, Changes Publications, Volume 1 Number 9, page 12, 1969

Lord Buckley
Introduction by Richard Buckley, Jr., Extreme Exposure - An Anthology of Solo Performance Texts from the 20th Century - includes several transcriptions of Lord Buckley routines including God's Own Drunk, Willie the Shake, and James Dean -Paperback: 450 pages, Theatre Communications Group; 1st edition (March 1, 2000), ISBN: 1559361557

Lord Buckley Benefit
by Ira Gitler, in the column Caught in the Act, Downbeat Magazine, 2/16/61

Lord Buckley Is Dead
Penthouse (Volume 2, #11), October 1967.

Lord Buckley Steals His Last Show
by Normand Poirier, New York Post, 12/6/60

Lord Buckley - Tuolumne's Most Unlikely Native Son
by Ron Pickup, Central Sierra Seasons Magazine, Winter/Spring 2006, click here to read the article.

Lord of the Hepcats
by Bill Reed, Reader, Vol. 4, No. 7, 11/27/81

Meet Me In The Lobby: The Story of Harold Koplar and the Chase Park Plaza Hotel
by Candace O'Conner, Virginia Publishing Co., St. Louis. 2005. ISBN: 1-891442-32-5, Page 40 - a vivid one paragraph description of Lord Buckley in his element. Click here to view the cover. Click here to see Page 40. Many thanks to the Marquis D' Mexico for his fine work in this direction.

Modern Teen
Lord Buckley's "The Raven" is featured in this the first issue of a new magazine from the editors of Dig magazine, Issue #1 June 1957. View the cover.

New Music Express
magazine - album review, 1/29/1983

Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac
by David Amram, published 2002 by Thunder's Mouth Press an Imprint of Avalon Publishing Group Incorporated, Pages 43-44, 172, 239, ISBN 1-56025-362-2. Hardy thanks to Roger "The Marquis" Mexico for hipping LBC to this new tome.

On the enigmatic Lord Buckley's trail
by James Sullivan, San Francisco Chronicle, Datebook section page D1, July 9, 2002.

One Groovy Flower - Lord Buckley takes the stage
by Jim Christy, Nuvo Magazine, Spring 2005, Vol. 8. #1.

One-Man Show Recreates Satirist Lord Buckley
by Loren King, The Advocate, 8/25/94. Article about Frank Speiser's one man show "Are You There?".

Posthumous Stardom for a Once and Future Lord - The Lord Buckley Phenomenon
by Albert Goldman, Life Magazine, 12/19/69.

Seriously Funny
by Gerald Nachman, Pantheon Books, 2003, a book about the rebellious comedians of the '50s and '60s, Lord Buckley is mentioned on pages 32, 395, 571

Surrealism and It's Popular Accomplices
City Lights Books; December 1980

Swing It ! An Annotated History of Jive
by Bill Milkowski, Diane Pub Co, ISBN: 0756762596, Buckley is listed in a Who's Who, View Cover

The Caberet Cards - Have They Killed A Man?
author unknown, Downbeat Magazine, 12/22/60

The Hip: Hipsters,Jazz and the Beat Generation
by Roy Carr, Brian Case and Fred Dellar, a tribute to the Hip and Cool of the 50s Jazz and Beat Scene - London, Faber&Faber, 1986.

The Hiperama, Jack
by Brian Case, Wire Magazine, date unknown probably the late '80s. Note: this is not from the cyber magazine Wired.

The Hipster's Nero
by Lord Buckley, Swank magazine, Volume 8 No. 2, May 1961, see back cover for beginning of article, article continues from pages 53-55, this article is a transcription of His Lordship's routine "Nero", also see His Lordship's Last Days by Harold Hume in the same issue.

The Last Laugh
by Phil Berger, Ballantine Books, New York, Published March 1976, contains some wonderful ancedotes about Lord Buckley, pgs 31, 48-61, 92, 206, view the cover

The Lord Was A Swinger
by Bob Ellison, Fling Festival magazine, Volume 7 Fall Edition 1961, pages 63-70. view the cover

The United States Of Poetry
By Joshua Blum, Bob Homan, and Mark Pellington, Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers, 1996, an extract from "The Train" can be found on page 33.

Those Swinging Years
By Charlie Barnet, describes seeing Lod Buckey audition at Slapsie Maxie's club in Hollywood.

To Have the Sweet Fragments of Serenity Rock Your Wig
by Denny Blouin, Shambhala Sun, 5/95.

Tuolumne Museum honors Lord Buckley
by K. Nicola Dyes, The Union Democrat, front page, April 7, 2008.