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Published September 5, 2016
Johnny, We Hardily Knew Thee
John Hostetter [1946 -2016]

John Hostetter may not be a cat you are all that familiar with by name. But if you watched "Murphy Brown" or "Murder, She Wrote" or "Kermit's Swamp Years" or Star Trek "Insurrection" or 8 septillion other flicks you have most likely dug his licks. For he was a groovy, gone, most swingin' actor trying to keep his wig cool in the gnasher filled world of Hollywood. He was also a singer/composer, a visual artist, a loving husband and a top hub cap Buckley interpreter. And John Hostetter was also a personal friend of mine. He was my buddy cat and he leveled with me. "was" is a hard word for me to write this very minute. For I must hip thee, beloveds, that Prince John, a stud of the Double First Order has made his final curtain call and taken his leave of us protoplasm bound mortals to find his righteous place in the ever expanding Cosmos way on out there.

John came upon The Lord early and started his ongoing homage while in college and subsequently with a traveling troupe of thespians. It was one real crazy day in Las Vegas, that John, standing tall on a bale of hay, reciting from the Buckley canon, encountered not only Lewis Foremaster, Buckley's last aid de camp, but only hours later, incredibly, found himself performing for local Vegas resident, Her Ladyship Laurie Buckley. It was a wig shaking confluence for sure. And it began a long relationship with the Buckley family.

In later years, John moved with his wife Del to her home stomping grounds in the area around Daytona Beach, Florida. They settled in New Smyrna Beach and John set to work fixing up the house, signing, playing and writing for a a great rock band called "The Pirates", creating beautiful artwork and generally digging the cool, laconic, and easy going nature of a small beach town.

While still in Los Angeles I was able to film John performing Lord Buckley's acid trip. He utilized a word for word transcript provided by Dr. Oscar Janiger, the pioneering LSD researcher from UCLA. Later in Florida, documentarian Roger Mexico and I were able visit John and Del and film John doing some wild Buckley bits in his groovy second story hideaway. The glee in his eyes and voice, the deep understanding, the physicality (for John was in the same height and physique range as Lord Buckley) and deftness of his projection placed him deep in the Inner Circle at the heart of Channeling The Lord.

John and I spent many an hour on the phone exchanging bits and pieces we had learned about the Great Master. He would entertain me with his scholar level memory of Buckley routines. His was a love born of the appreciation for the talent and spirit and old fashion Moxie that erupted from Lord Buckley. I am sure if there is such a place as heaven and if there is a Chez Buckley nightclub that The Lord Himself has made room at the head table for my friend Prince John Hostetter.