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Published November 2, 2008
Studs Swoops
Studs Terkel 1912 - 2008

Chicago heaves it’s big shoulders tonight, beloveds, mourning the ultimate flip of it’s grandest cat. Studs Terkel, author, radio and television host, interviewer with no peer, and dyed deep in the wool champion of all the righteous cats and kitties that walk humbly upon this sweet sphere, swooped the scene at his own sweet crib on October 31, 2008.

Now this was a cat with such a ticker and such a wig as you are never like to see again. He talked to the high and mighty as easily as to the low and left out. He could coax secrets from kings and provided a dignified platform for the wisdom of people who roll up their sleeves everyday of the week without complaint.  He spoke truth to power and never forgot that there were people in this world without much recourse to anything.

He never tired of listening, and listening and listening some more. Lord Buckley came on his show in 1958. The meeting of such a listener and such a talker was bound to produce the bounty of what Terkel called the “vox humana.” You can read a transcript of this interview here a LordBuckley.com.

In 2000 documentarians Roger Mexico, Mike Brown and Michael Monteleone visited Studs in his Chicago home for an interview about His Lordship. Excerpts from that interview will be available soon here at LBC.

LBC salutes this most swingin’ of cats for his 96 years on the sphere and his untiring work on behalf of all cats and kitties everywhere.