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Published March 4, 2004
Grover Sales On Valentine's Day
Grover Sales 1920 - 2004

My regal cats and kitties, we lay the sad news on Thee that a brilliant witness and affectionado of the Lord has swooped the sphere. Jazz and culture writer, teacher and bebop wig strecher Grover Sales, who once was Lord Buckley's publicist in the San Francisco Bay Area, died on Valentines day in Tiburon, California

Sales was a tireless champion of jazz and jazz related topics. He was on the faculty of The Jazzschool and supplied the Bay Area with a wealth of published articles for 50 plus years. He was known for having strong opinions and for being a delightful contrarian, however he might disagree with that assessement.

Writer Doug Cruickshank laid this on us from Leah Garchik's March 8th column in the S.F. Chronicle:

"P.P.S. Cultural historian and critic Grover Sales used to carry a card to leave in restaurants where music was played that he didn't like. "If we ate what we listened to,'' said the card, "we'd all be dead.''