RIFFS 2017
Dig Willie the Shake at LBC
Jandos Rothstein Portfolio
Published December 19, 2017
Shake It!
Jandos Rothstein Draws It Out

You Studs and Stallions that get with laying your peepers on Buckley related art work are going to dig the latest Seen scene here at lordbuckley.com. Hip illustrator Jandos Rothstein has kindly allowed LBC to showcase his fantastic take on His Lordship's take on Willie the Shake's take on Brutus' take on his stone cold buddy cat Julius Caesar. Click on the link to go to the artwork.

Dig the the Good Prince J's prelude. It's in the history:


“I grew up in Chicago long enough ago that Stud’s Terkel’s show was still a regular fixture in the Afternoon on WFMT. I get home from school one afternoon, probably around 1977 when I was a high school freshman and Studs is on and it’s a repeat of his famous interview with Lord Buckley. I was just transfixed and listened to the whole thing. I was never much of a poetry person, but I just loved everything about what Buckley was doing—the way he made it rhythmic and musical and of course his irreverence,

Eventually, with the word “hipster” and the work of contemporaneous illustrators floating around in my head, I started to think seriously about illustrating Buckley as both a fun project and a way of sharing my new style . Willie the Shake has long been among my favorite Buckley poems (of the ones I know, anyway) and it’s so visually evocative (except in a few places) that I decided to go for it.


Whimsy, dazzle and solid illustrative storytelling swing this sweet opus up and make it well worth Your Grace's time and attention.