RIFFS 2016
The Toas News article
Published April 15, 2016
P & J - Taos Jazz Bebop Society Style

The Keeper of the White Hot Flame of With It-Ness, Her Swingin' Ladyship Laurie Buckley, is once again about to Illuminate the Hipnoscenti with another deft twist of the tuner to the Channel of The Way Gone and Back Again.

In an evening called "Poetry & Jazz" the Taos Jazz Beboy Society presents a groovy amalgam of jazz from the Greg Abate Quartet and poetry from Jimmy Santiago Baca, Steve Rose, Paul E. Nelson, Annie McNaughton and Amalio Madueño. And as a groovy cherry on a hip sundae a tribute to Lord Buckley manifested by Lady Laurie Buckley and her buddy cat Lee Boek.

Along with emcee'ing the show, Lee Boek will perform His Lordship's "Gettysburg Address". And the Magnificent Lady L will share stories of growing up as Jazz Royalty in her father's swingin' Royal Court. When Charlie Parker hovers over your bassinet you know your life is not going to be measured in gold stars for good deportment from your third grade teacher Mrs. Grant.

Many thanks to Cynthia Sesso of CTSImages, for laying this intelligence on the table in front of us.

"Poetry and Jazz"
Saturday, April 16th
Main Event at 7PM

Taos Mesa Brewing
20 ABC Mesa Road
El Prado, New Mexico

Directions: Approximately 11 miles west of the Town of Taos off US Highway 64 near the historic Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.