RIFFS 2015
Published April 28, 2015
BOOM! Put it In The Book!
City Lights Republishes The Holy Tome

Life just got a little sweeter, beloveds. City Lights Books, that torch, nay, beacon of bright shining photons in the swingin'est city by the bay, has sent up a dazzling volley of whooperwills and canary bells, dipodops and flipadees by annnoucing the reissue of a gasser of a tome "Hiparama of the Classics" by Lord Richard Buckley.

Originally published in 1960 (the Year of the Big Swoop) it is the only book the Great Cat ever laid his moniker on. It consists of transcriptions of some of The Lord's most revered routines:

  •The all-hip Mahatma
•The Naz
•Gettysburg Address
•Hipsters, flipsters and finger poppin' daddies
•The Religious History of Alvar Nunez Cabaza de Vaca
•The bad rapping of the Marquis de Sade

The coming 64 page edition features a new forward by long time Buckley aficonado California State Poet Laureate Al Young, an introduction by Joseph Jablonsky, pics by photographers Jim Marshal, Jerry Stoll and others.

For more info click the link on the left. Be sure to lay your peepers on Buckley biographer Oliver Trager's hip verbiage in praise of The Lord in the announcement.

Many thanks to Chris Carosi at City Lights for hipping us to this most welcome news.

Publisher: City Lights Publishers
Format: Paperback
Nb of pages: 64
ISBN-10 08728667218
ISBN-13 9780872866713