RIFFS 2015
Published March 14, 2015
Rare Air
Stempek Doc On Offer

Swingin’ Beloveds, though His Lordship’s electromagnetic presence can be charted scatter shot throughout the wild and frisky Cherryland, rarely does a strong, concentrated appeal make itself available topside-wise. Intrepid Buckley archivist Walt Stempek has been in the hip woodshed and recently emerged with a half dozen plus one episodes of a Lord Buckley radio documentary he wanged, danged and falooned together and titled “A Most Immaculately Hip Aristocrat”.

In the doc, Brother Stempek offers a delicious selection of The Lord’s routines, plus commentary and historical exposition. An added treat is a jive session with filmmaker Michael Monteleone which includes some pithy samples of interviews from the film documentary “Lord Buckley: Too Hip For the Room” which Monteleone and fellow Quixotic studs Roger Mexico and Doug Cruickshank are in the long process of bringing to the populance.

Heard over the actual airwaves solely on the little rock where he lives, Stempek’s Ode to the Mother Lode can be tuned in quite easily mainliner style by cooly browsing your way to the Voice of Vashon website. Check out the link to the left to make your way to another groovy date with The Lord. If you cannot pick up on it the first round freak not for it will be available via the VoV archive soon.

Here are the scheduled times for the show:

"A Most Immaculatley Hip Aristocrat" radio documentary on Lord Buckley

Voice of Vashon (at voiceofvashon.org)
Thursday at 7AM and 5PM
Saturdays at 5PM