RIFFS 2014
The Magic Link
July 15, 2014
Whippin' and Wailin'

Oh, my swingin beloveds, modern miracles do manifest Now and Then. So, let me hip Thee to a sweet riff that is happening like Now. Regal Princes of Funk Sly Stone and George Clinton have taken a step towards shaking the peninsula by bringing The Lord into the aforementioned Now by resurrecting “The Naz” as a gorgeous bit of digital vinyl. With Sly laying down the story and George sprinkling the funk dust on every lick and groove they bring His Lordship’s signature routine to a whole new slice of the populance.

A treat awaits Thee in short order when you twang the magic link that takes you to a groovy YouTube page. Be sure to read the commentary for the full Large Charge.