RIFFS 2014
June 14, 2014
Ode Is The Mode, Daddy-o!
The Swingin' Prince Amram Is At It Again

You cats and kitties that make crazy sweeps of the freqs with those trained and tuned lobes of yours are going to double down with delight when you hear the news that composer and Forever Jung Beat Daddy David Amram has done it once more with great feeling. His recently released CD "Amram/Orchestra of Indian Hill/Hangen-Ode To Lord Buckley" features the swingingest composition this side of Gone. "Ode To Lord Buckley" is Amram's nod, tip of the beret, and homage to the Great Master of Flip Manor. And lest Ye think it is some wig based intellectual type riff set in motion via some abstract theorum we want to get you straight that it is a most masterful tome for the lobes that any of you cats and kitties can get down with.

iTunes can get you with this groovey new wax as can Amazon. See links to the left.