RIFFS 2014
Sneek Peek
April 13, 2014
Can You Dig Me?
Pre-release skinny on "Red Beans and Weiss"

Once upon a time a drum crazed teenager from Denver caught the lobes of a legendary heavy blues cat by the name of Lightin' Hopkins. Invited to tour the Cherryland and lay down the beat for this great cat the young stud did just that. And then he proceeded to lay it on some of the other far out, magical 145 princes like Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon. He swung it up to some very high strata.

Once upon another time this same young cat (now a tad older) hung out serious style with Tom Waits and Ricki Lee Jones in the old Tropicana Motel in Los Angeles from whence many a tale has reached the surface. Her Majesty Ricki Lee even made the platinum record scene with a tune inspired by this young percussion mad chap titled "Chuck E. s In Love".

Now, beloveds, jump yourself up to the present and dig the news that long time recording artist Chuck E. Weiss (and Lord Buckley aficionado) is swingin' forth with a soon to be released album on ANTI Records titled "Red Beans and Weiss". It is produced by Tom Waits and Johnny Depp, features a gasser of a song list and a truly with it album cover. The album is due April 15, 2014.

Now dig this little flip. Part Sgt. Pepper and part "Where's Waldo?" the artwork on "Red Beans and Weiss" is a little gem for the peepers. Any number of far out entertainers are featured on the cover and who do you think made the scene? Some of you with eagle style peepers might be able to make out The Lord's position in the image on the left but for the rest of us click here to see a larger version.

LBC salutes Chuck E. and urges all you cats and kitties that dig this goodly Prince to lay down the kale for a treat with a beat.

Again, we have HRH Roger Mexico to thank for hipping us to this good bit of news.