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April 6, 2014
Digging It Deeply
"Dig Infinity" on the boards at the Planet Connection Theater Festivity

What is in the air of late, Beloveds? First we have the swingin' news that His Lordship will make the Lone Star scene in "The Passing Show". And now, quick on it's heels, intell reaches our lobes that one of the heaviest of the Original Buckley Before Daddies is going to stomp across the boards in a self penned salute to The Master himself. Buckley biographer Oliver Trager has scribed and will be directing/starring in his Opus Hipus "Dig Infinity!" at the Planet Connection Theater Festivity in New York City in May of 2014. The three scheduled performance events commence Wednesday May 14th with additional shows on the 18th and 24th. See the jazz below what is below for particulars.

"Dig Infinity" is a very active meditation on the essence of art, hipness and life itself. Not to give the plot away but the range and ambition of the play is as vast and mighty as a jumpin' Tigris and Euphrates pool party. And its central conceit as edgy as the hippest Oxford style Myth Wigs would ever hope to conjure up. You swingin' cats and kitties in Gotham who can make the scene can do a little homework with Roland Barthes, Edith Hamilton and Joseph Campbell to give yourselves a leg up.

And those of you with a little extra kale can hip the treasury well with a nod towards getting the expenses for this show right and tight. See the Indigogo link to the left for more details and for a little taste of the action.

written and performed by Oliver Trager
part of the Planet Connection Theater Festivity
at Paradise Factory Downstairs - 64 East 4th St. NYC

Lord Buckley - Oliver Trager
Orpheus - Russell Jordan
Abe, God, Midus, Worm - David Lamberton
Jazzbo, Shadow and strings/flutes - John Kruth
Slick and percussion - Boris Kinberg
Lights & Sound - Eric Feldman

Wednesday May 1th at 6:30 PM
Sunday, May 18th at 9:00 PM
Saturday, May 24th at 7:30 PM

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