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Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Info
India Cafe reading
May 2, 2013
The Infinite Dug - Trager Style

Beloveds and seekers of the Intangibly Sublime, intrepid and bull dogged playwright, primo Buckley scholar and evangelist Oliver Trager, is in the center groove once again with a Big Apple staged reading of his Lord Buckley play “Dig Infinity!”. The play will be part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity and Gotham will be deeply shook on Thursday June 13th when Oliver and his fellow board stompers make the scene at The Gene Frankel Theater at 11AM.

Prince O has been hard at work spit polishing the play since a recent reading at the India Café in Harlem last November 4th. “Dig Infinity!” is a work inspired by Cascading Love: Trager’s Love of His Lordship’s Love of language, storytelling and music. Prince O freely mixes ancient classical myth and legend with American history to produce a work that takes the listener rocket ship style into the Waygonesphere of the imagination. Orpheus leads the charge and The Day of the Dead provides a suitable backdrop for this exploration of one of the hippest cats to ever blip our big blue green ball.

Under the links on the left you will find a connection to an Indiegogo campaign to help the goodly Prince raise the kale to tame the whale.

If Your Grace is looking for a little way to lay a treat on your own wig then make it to this main day circus flip of Buckleyesque proportions.

“Dig Infinity!”
11 AM, Thursday June 13, 2013
The Gene Frankel Theater
24 Bond Street
New York, NY  10012
(212) 777-1767