RIFFS 2012
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February 8, 2012
One Blasted Surprise After Another
Eddie Condon Floorshow Revelation

Upon occasion, Beloveds, the spirit of Our Lord is revealed yet again, surfacing without fanfare (or warning) not on a piece of toast or in a cloud formation but in the invisible yet clearly audible arrangements of electrons on a piece of recording tape. LBC is happy to report one such occasion is upon us, Sweet Children in the form of a 1948 recording of swingin' Eddie Condon's Floor Show.

Eddie Condon, guitarist, jazz banjoist and band leader, was a buddy cat of Lord Buckley's. Condon, early on, brought intetgrated bands into the studio for recording sessions including Louis Armstrong and Fats Waller. For twenty two years starting in the 1945 he had his own jazz club in New York called "Eddie Condon's".

Through the steadfast and dogged efforts of archivist Franz Hoffman and the joyous celebration of jazz life that is Michael Steinman's very hip website "Jazz Lives" we are able to go back to that groovy era on the giddy heels of the end of WWII and hear wondrous little bits and pieces of Lord Buckley, as MC, sprinkled in amongst some wonderful jazz performances by Mary Lou Wiliiams, Sydney Bechet and Red Allen and many others.

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