RIFFS 2011
Topanga Messenger article on Lady Dewitt
October 8 , 2011
Lady Dewitt Splits
Doi Dewitt 1912 - 2011

Just short of the C Note mark, Doreen Mary "Doi" Dewitt has split this globes material and gleefully headed out for another great adventure in the Outthereasphere. At 99 she had a great long run on the planet where she spread joy and set an example of self-sufficiency that that many who put up billboards for their own prowess in that department would be wise to emulate.

Lady Dewitt was a member of Lord Buckley's Royal Court having first encountered him in Topanga Canyon at the restaurant that she and her husband Bob Dewit operated. Though not necessarily falling under his charm she did appreciate his talent and spoke of his imaginative language and "the delicious exagerration of what he was talking about." Doi was also witness to the legendary Church of the Living Swing performances that His Lordship performed at their Topanga Canyon restaurant.

In later years Doi and Bob could be found farming and making art at their marvelous ranch farm near Mariposa, California. They grew most of their own organic food and reveled in the time they had here on Terra Swingin' Firma. Doi was still at it until about a year and half before she died.

Though a year older than Bob, Doi outlived him by a handful of years and continued to charm people in her own unassuming way. If you were looking for a poster child for a person who was truly hip and not just acting the part, Lady Doi Dewitt is your base line hip kitty.