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February 1, 2011
Drawn Nigh
James Mulcro Drew 1929 - 2010

His Grace, the lofty peak flautist Robert Dick has laid the very sad news on LBC that his friend the composer, performer and Lord Buckley accompanist, James Mulcro Drew, a true prince of the Royal Court, has made the move into the next emanation.

Composer, visionary and unrepentant seeker of the sublime and esoteric, Prince James, at one time, in the long, gone far out land of the Gigsville, found himself tickling the ivories behind the Swingin’ Master. He truly dug the lick.

An email exchange between Prince D. and  LBC curator Michael Monteleone was a rich and yummy collage of making the impossible possible (and vice versa.) Dig this tiny taste from Drew talking about His Lordship:

“Think of the profound way he would hold in distain anything that had not to do with the Theatre and philosophical thumpings of de drums. So, in our tradition, I reminder you in your most dusty moments, that there is no Elegance outside of the realm of Art and Laughter. Thus, the Ancient speaks for the Never Departed.

 An interview with Drew had planned for the LB documentary “Too Hip For the Room” but, alas, it never happened.

We leave you with the words of the great cat himself:

“I aspire to incorporate spiritual immensities in my music through masses of sound which intensifies by the process of refraction or blurring, while allowing submerged melodic lines to appear and disappear. It’s like painting with a very large brush. Like those old fresco guys—or like Asian calligraphy on a massive scale—even with one tone. You know ... like a big swipe with a very loaded brush.” James Mulcro Drew.