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Published July 7, 2010
A Lincoln Cat - Rod Harrison To Hip The Populance

Lincoln Center in His Lordship's beloved city of New York represents to many the Up There strata at the very Heart of Acoustics. It's a jumpin' pad of mad, talented artists that swing up the greatest in jazz and classics, in theatre and dance. You do not get to hit the boards at the LC unless you have made it, Jude.

So, with that preamble in your wig, let me hip thee to the greatest ticker tape jazz to come out of that way gone brass and glass bell jar called The News.

Rod Harrison, the Buckley interpreter who wowed the Buckleyscenti at Oliver Trager's most recent Buckley Bash has been invited by Lincoln Center to perform as Lord Buckley at this summer's Lincoln Center Festival.

Decked out in his swallow tail threads, slyly curled moustache and with the ghost of His Lordship in tow, Harrison will treat the beloveds, old and young, to a beautiful program of three Buckley routines at the Damrosch Park bandshell, Sunday, August 1, 2010 at 6PM.

And dig this jazz, the festival is free!!! So, take the B Train to get with The Lord this summer.