RIFFS 2010
Drew Friedman's website
Published June 18, 2010
Drew Draws, Daddy-o!

Magic comes in many forms, beloveds. Some riffs, like Our Lord's, linger long in the lobes. Others hip the taste buds or tweak the wig. And yet others come when the touch of some cat or kitty, you dig the most, sends you straight to endsville. And then there are those magic forms aimed directly at the peepers. And that is what we have on tap today, Lords and Ladies.

Artist Drew Friedman, well known for his sly and delightful treatments of some of the Cherryland's greatest comedians has tipped his paint brush and laid it on real coolwise with his swingin' new fine art, limited edition print of Lord Buckley.

The nibble on the left is just too small to do Drew's grand depiction justice. The actual image area of the print is 13 3/4" high by 10" wide on a 17" by 11" sheet of really gone, heavyweight paper.

The link on the left will take you directly to Drew's website and a few more details that you will want to know.

So, get with the chart, beloveds and just imagine having His Lordship gracing the walls of your pad sweet pad.