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Plannet Connections Festivity
Published June 11, 2010
Dig And Be Dug

The word is out on the streets of Gotham, beloveds, that Lord Buckley is indeed a reincarantion cat. Broadway performer Ryan Knowles is kindly hosting His Lordship in a romp and terra stomp that you cats and kitties in the vicinity need to check out. Knowles' show titled "Dig and Be Dug - the Gospel of Lord Buckley", produced by Interprod Theatre and directed by David Kraft, is currently playing at the Gene Frankel Theatre as part of the 2nd Annual Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.

So put out the clarion call for the Lord is back in town, babies!!

Dig and Be Dug - the Gospel of Lord Buckley
Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond Street
New York, NY

Performance Dates
Thursday, 6/3 at 5:00PM
Sunday, 6/6 at 1:3PM
Monday, 6/7 at 7:15PM
Saturday, 6/12 at 9:30PM
Tuesday, 6/15 at 7:00PM

tickets are $18 and can be purchase online at: