RIFFS 2010
Jim Flora's Website
Published March 24, 2010
Flora Galora

One of the great semi-sung graphic talents of the 1950's was Jim Flora. His unique artwork graced many an album cover. His humor and the subtle inclusions of sometimes wiggy imagery made him a prime candidate to design an album cover for His Lordship. Flora's "Hipster's, Flipsters and Finger Poppin' Daddies" is argueably the most striking cover Buckley album jacket.

Wth that preamble let me hip thee to a little flip in the webosphere. Jim Flora's offical website is offering up a grand bit of graphic history updated and over the fence of the pounce of the Now. The "Hipsters" album cover art is beginning offered in a very limited edition (only ten prints are being made on this the celebrated initial run.) Painstakingly refurbished to it's orignal Rolls Royce bonnet shine, the prints are xxx and xxx and xxx.

So you graphic headed hipsters who can handle the taste for the flip and the ship are in for a treat, Jim Flora style.