RIFFS 2009


Published December 22, 2009
Too Smart For the Room

Beloveds, polish Thy antennae as the large charge is about to come down. Lobeheads Jon Kalish and Marty Goldensohn have made the scene with a new 30 minute audio documentary about The Lord Himself called "Too Smart for the Room: The Lord Buckley Story."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 is the do not be late date for this swingin' new opus d'hip on KCRW-Santa Monica at 89.9 FM in the Los Angeles area and streaming live at www.kcrw.com. You Podheads will want get with this acton: kcrw.com/poc or iTunes)

LBC has not been privy to this super super super secret project but veteran NPR reporter Jon Kalish is known to be fond of The Lord and will no doubt deliver the goods. So, Cats and Kitties get with this scene!