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Published November 4, 2009
We're Still Not Married

The last time His Lordship got within hailing distance of the good ship Marilyn Monroe was nearly sixty years ago when they both appeared in a 1952 film titled "We're Not Married". Lord Buckley, at the time, was dipping his toe into the Hollywood acting pool and Ms. Monroe was in the inital stages of her ascent into the stratosphere of fame and pain. "We're Not Married" did not make it onto the A lists of either the critics or the public but it worth watching for it's unintended historical value. It is one of the few celluloid records of His Lordship in action albeit not in the character of His Royal Hipness.

Flip to the right now. Renaissance stud Richmond Shepard teams up with Leslie E. Hughes to present "Lord Buckley and Marilyn", two one act plays at the Richmond Shepard Theatre in New York City during the month of November 2009.

Shepard, actor, mime, producer, playwright, and painter will portray Lord Richard Buckley in a 25 minute piece that will give the audience a taste of the wit and brilliance of His Royal Hipness and his Hip Semantic. Shepard actually knew His Lordship in Los Angeles in the late '50s and was privy to many special moments with The Lord of Flip Manor.

Broadway, television and film actress Leslie E. Hughes will conjure the sweet, fallen platinum angel in Willard Manus' play "Marilyn's 2nd Chance". The play is built on the premise that Marilyn survived long enough to out live her fame and comes out of obscurity to audition for the lead in Tennessee William's Broadway production of "Orpheus Descending".

Richmond Shepard Theatre
309 E. 26th St. at 2nd Ave.
$18, Stud/Sen $10

Playdates are
Nov 4,5,11,12, 13.14.17,18,19,20,27,28 at 8 PM