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Published October 14, 2009
Grief For George
George Grief 1923 - 2007

Word has reached LBC of the stage left exit of one of Lord Buckley's favorite managers, George Grief on December 10, 2007 in Palm Desert, California. George Grief was a fascinating stud who knew the high and mighty of show business and the music business but he never lost his wonder and appreciation of art, fine wine and the divinely eccentric personalities that he encountered during his nearly 85 years on the sphere.

It was a young, recently returned WWII war veteran George Grief that encountered Lord Buckley in a hotel room in New York City,

"I was staying, I think, in the Essex House or the Hampshire House and I was sitting in my room, which was a single room, and I had the window open. When he walked in he said hello and he leaped over the bed like he was going right out the window. And landed between the bed and the window-and that was his way of saying hello, which shocked me. He was that kind of guy."

Buckley and Grief took to each other and Grief tried his best to get Lord Buckley gigs in better and better places. But it was a challenge.

Many years after Buckley's death Grief encountered George Harrison in the south of France. According to Grief they sat up all night discussing Lord Buckley as George Harrison was a big fan. The result of that meeting was a hit record for Harrison, "Crackerbox Palace".