RIFFS 2009


Published June 12, 2009
His Lordship Hits the Beach

Sweet Hipsters, the Beat surely do go on. Buckley diviner Rod Harrison lately of Oliver Trager's famed annual Buckley Bash is gracing the boards at the groovey and with it Beat Museum in San Francisco's North Beach district on Thursday, June 18th at 7 PM.

Set unsquarely in the heart of the Beat nexus, The Beat Museum hosts a marvelous collection of items related to the Beats of yesteryore. Hip artifacts from Keoruac, Burroughs, Ginsberg and many others are on display in a gentle and convival atmosphere that just begs for a little performance from The Master.

His Grooveship Rod Harrison, accompanied by multi-intrumentalists Paul Mehling and Michael Stocker will make ever mother move there is to make as they swing, jump, flap, lift and separate the populance with their mad, mad, mad semantics and air born riffs.

If you are near the scene and you do not make the scene then there you jolly well are not there, aren't you?

Rod Harrison as Lord Buckley at The Beat Museum

Thursday, June 18th at 7 PM.

The Beat Museum
540 Broadway (at Columbus)
San Francisco, CA 94133

(1-800-537-6822 or 1-831-372-4911)

E-mail: info@kerouac.com