RIFFS 2009
Published May 7, 2009

Sisters and Brothers and Children of the Flip, cast your peepers on this riff. Rod Harrison, newly home from his Gotham City triumph at LB 103, will pass the Collection Plate of Joy at Corazón, a hip and elegant little joint in Santa Fe, New Mexico every Saturday in May. Produced by Clark LeCompte the "Church of the Living Swing" will present Harrison in his Long-Lean-Main-Circus-Day-Delicate Pony-Whip role as Lord Buckley, the gonest pulpit stud that ever laid The True Hip Word on the populance.

Accompanied sweetly on the 88s by Her Ladyship Lydia Clark , Harrison will lead the assembled faithful in a series of religous exercises guaranteed to bring forth that sometimes elusive but always welcome Holy Sound of Laughter.


The Church of the Living Swing
Every Saturday in May 2009

401 S. Guadalupe
Santa Fe, NM

door open at 8:00 PM
Services start at 8:30 PM