RIFFS 2009
Published April 5, 2009
LB 103 - The Lord Rises !

Buckley biographer Oliver Trager has clarion called the finest of the Lord Buckley channelers and aficionados and these fine studs will be gathering, appropriately enough, on Easter Sunday evening to lay The Riffs that End All Riffs on the faithfully assembled cats and kitties at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City.

The cast for this gasser of an event features some heavy weight defenders of the faith: the Living Theatre's Steven Ben Israel, world class composer and Buckley confidante David Amram, Grand Master and national treasure Buckley interpreter Tom Calagna, the reigning avant flute maestro Robert Dick, journalist/author and "Banshee Mandolin" master musician John Kruth, and a stunning newcomer from Santa Fe, New Mexico actor Rod Harrison.

Hosted by Oliver Trager the evening will be filled to overflowing with fine performances of Lord Buckley's routines as well as a few stories of The Lord and, no doubt, lively music to rev the hip souls of those in attendance.

Of the event Trager says, "These cats will invoke the spirit of Lord Buckley in a celebration of the meta jazz comedian's art & life. Words, music & dance will merge with shamanism and séance as Willie the Shake, the Hip Gahn, Lanky Linc, Jonah and the Whale stomp the stage and this sweet swingin' sphere one mo' time."

This sassiest of worship services is scheduled to begin at 7PM but the hippest know that they need to make the scene earlier to get a chance at a drink and good seat.

Beloveds, be there or be nowhere.

The Lord Rises!
Easter Sunday

The Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery
(Between Houston and Bleecker)
F train to 2nd Ave, 6 to Bleecker