RIFFS 2009


Published February 7, 2009
Lovers and Madmen

Rod Harrison, one of the Lord's swingin'est invocators, will be performing his show "Lord Buckley's Cautionary Tales of Lovers and Madmen" on Valentine's day in the Cabaret Space at The Lodge in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Of the event, Rod says, "When the moon sets on a Friday the 13th and the sun rises on Saint Valentine's day, something wonderful and dark and lovely swings forth. On the bed of High Sensuous Consequence, we'll cut on down the pike and we just might happen to pass a Birch and Rod store."

The venue featuring Harrison's hour long performance and a circle of very hip DJs spinnng and riffing like madmen, will be jumpin' high and mighty starting at 7PM. Dance moves will be observed well into the night.

Those deeply digging The Lord and the Cupid scene will not want to miss this action.

Lord Buckley's Cautionary Tales of Lovers and Madmen
Saturday, February 14th, 2009
The Cabaret Space @ The Lodge

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