RIFFS 2009
Published February 6, 2009
Swingin' Cat in the Hat

When one thinks of Lord Buckley in a hat the wig probably goes straight (so to speak) to the cashiered colonel style image of His Lordship in a pith helmet. There are accounts of His Lordship enjoying the pleasures of various wig coverings but I think until now none of them has ever been named for Our Noble Master. The "Lord Buckley" is a dark brown, felt fedora men's hat. It is the creation of Chez Murdoch, 28 Racine Est Chicoutimi, Que. Canada.

LBC recently ran across one on ebay (see the link on the left.) It is a lovely creation with a dash of flair and a guarantee stamped on the inside rim, "Lord Buckley processed for longer wear." Would that had been true of the original.

If any of you lovely cats or kitties has one of these in your stash please report in.