RIFFS 2009


Published January 16, 2009
Like Thee and Thine

His Lordship was sighted last night on the good ship PBS on a new series dedicated to the fine and elusive art of comedy titled "MAKE 'EM LAUGH". Comedic writer and actor Gary Marshall waxed poetic on The Lord. And the greatest of all television madcap meetings was screened as the mighty rivers of humor that were Lord Buckley and Groucho Marx created a marvelous confluence as the hippest two cats that ever stomped the vaudeville stage traded lines on Groucho's show "You Bet Your Life."

A number of LBC cats and kitties swung forth with field reports to lay the good news on the Riffs section. We thank Thee all for your swingin' efforts.

And remember shows like this are made possible by the generous contributions of swingin' cats and kitties like Thee and Thine.