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Published January 6, 2009
All These Miles On My Puss

LBC, ever in search of that new mug and that new riff that brings us closer to The Lord, is pleased, flipped and grooved to lay on you some fresh intelligence. There's a new cat on the scene that is turning more than a few wigs, heating a few lobes and popping more than a few peepers with his gasser of an interpretation of The Great Cat.

Rod Harrison, whips and wails up his Lord Buckley tribute in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is a trained person of the theatre, with lots of acting, dance, clowning and stand up comedic skills in his bag of riffs. He has done stints with Theater Grottesco, Dandelion Dance Theater, and Joseph Papp Theater in New York City.

His interpretation of Lord Buckley is filled with equal parts of power and nuance. He's got the chops, beloveds, so dig him deeply.

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