RIFFS 2008
Published July 31, 2008
An Audience With The Lord

Your Graces, stunning news from across the pond: in the guise of His Lordship Richard Myrle Buckley, Roiled Navy Vice-Admiral Bob Sinfield, skipper of the comedic mindsweeper the HRH Drôle, steams ahead into semi-charted waters again with "An Audience with Lord Buckley" at AbbeyFest in London, August 18-20, 2008. Vowing to stay at the helm regardless of the return fire, VA Sinfield promises all that attend will be pleased, flipped and grooved by the semantically volleys issued from his very own pipes. This is an engagement not to be missed!

An Audience With Lord Buckley
(by arrangement with Bob Sinfield)
AbbeyFest 2008
Colour House Theatre
Date(s): Mon 18/08/2008 - Wed 20/08/2008 (Mon, Tue & Wed)
Time(s): 8:45pm
Full Price Tickets: £7.50 per seat*
Concession Price Tickets: £5.00 per seat*

*If this show is booked together with "Cage Birds" then a special price of £5 per show applies