RIFFS 2008
Published July 5, 2008
Dead Cat Running

LordBuckley.com is shocked to bring you this stunning and important news so late. We apologize for completely having dropped the ball and missed the boat. We goofed, I guess that's what you call it. In this age of the immediate instant now we somehow didn't pick up on the lick until that grand swinger and Lord Buckley channeler, Jason Eisenberg, hipped us to the action.

Of some note is the following sobering, if oblique, thought: if the outrageous and almost unthinkable were to somehow miraculously occur, someone would have to gently hip the populance to the small but significant fact that the head of the ticket probably could not make it to the Repeat-after-me riff. The shortlist for this unenviable role will mostly likely be kept a close guarded secret as to not provide influence in any pertinent arena of influence.

So, Beloveds, merely click on the vid to your left and dig what all this fuss is about. And thanks without end to to Jason Eisenberg for his most jumpin' vision of The Cherryland's future.