RIFFS 2008
Published March 10, 2008
Jazz Wax Sneak Peek

You cats and kitties that dig Jazz know that The Lord was deeply into the groove in that regard. He wailed Jazz, He flipped Jazz and He went way on out there, all in the name of Jazz.

With this notion tucked gently into Thy sweet wig, LBC is happy to hip you to a site on the web where you can not just get a taste of Jazz, not just a swig of Jazz but you can lay your hands on such a groovy magnum of the stuff that it makes your lobes think they won that great big giant king-size prize bird
down in Doodley's window.

Jazzwax, the brainchild of writer and entrepreneur Marc Myers, is a beautiful Jazz blog that will hip you to the best in Jazz music and personalities from the 1940's and '50s. And dig this beloveds, this week Jazzwax revealed a swingin' bit of Buckley related sweetness when it announced a sneak peek of the teaser for the upcoming documentary "Too Hip For the Room: The Righteous Reign of Lord Buckley."

Click on the link to the left to visit Jazzwax. Scroll down to Sunday Wax Bits (March 9, 2008) and dig what Prince Myers has laid out. You'll find the link to the "Too Hip" teaser embedded in the article.