RIFFS 2008
Published March 2, 2008
Much Oblige'd, Noblesse Style

Beloveds, knock me Thine eager lobes, for The Lord is with Thee if you get with it like no tomorrow style. Pacifica Radio is offering "Noblesse Obliging" a CD manifestation of His Lordship's 1959 interview with host Bill Butler recorded at Paciica's studios in Berkeley, California in 1959.

Buckely' peppers the interview with lively comments on his own life and work plus he lets loose with a couple of wonderful renditions of classic Buckley routines: "The Gasser", Hipsters, Flipsters" and "The Pied Piper" to name just a few. Host Bill Butler, stumbling out of the gate like a first time clueless pony at Pimlico, soon catches on to the spirit of his guest and by the end of the 27 minutes is a downright convert to the Church of the Living Swing. Below is a link to Pacifica where you can take home a sweet little piece of The Lord.