RIFFS 2008
Published February 19, 2008
The Virtual Hip Parade

You cats and kitties that have been with it all the way can dig that the Lord Buckley Recitation Scene has, in the past, resembled a scrawny little cat on a quince diet. But LBC is happy to report that there is a virtual Hip Parade of Lord Buckley invocations in these latter days of the Royal Court of His Swingin' Lord Buckley.

One can make the scene on YouTube.com, type in "Lord Buckley" and get tightened up real cool wise with a variety of cats laying a little of The Lord on you. Tom Calagna, Jim Dvorak, Bob Sinfield, Richard Henzel and others get you heading up that ladder in a series of flip performances. There are also a couple of inside veterans hitting the boards on a site called revver.com. Oliver Trager and Jason Eisenberg are flying high performing "Murder" and "The Hip Gahn." The performances, taken from Trager's 101st Buckley Birthday Bash celebration at the Poetry Club in April of 2007, will please, flip and groove Thee.

And while you are digging The Word at YouTube you might pick up on Lord Buckley himself as he is represented in a series of historic clips that will take you way on out there. Dig The Lord, Beloveds for he is with us all the way.