RIFFS 2008
Published January 11, 2008
Brother Chaz and The Nazz

Playwright and performer Charles Pike has shared with LBC the sweetest and jumpin'est bit of Yuletide, an email that lays out the Spirit of the Spirit of the Spirit of the Spirit. Lay your gentle peepers on this, sweet diggers of the right and tight cat that got the ball rollin' ever so long ago:

  i got to perform the naz at church for the christmas service.
i had been told a few years ago that i would never be permitted
to do that in church, that the square johns would snap their corners,
but you know what? they dug it! it was a really cool thing.
buckley opened up the scriptures for me, and made them
revelatory for me for the first time.

i have been performing the gospel of mark for them for a few weeks,
then i laid the buckley on them and they will never be the same.

may the good Lord swing you in a most profound way.