RIFFS 2007
Published September 30, 2007
The Invasion of Scotland

My royal cats and kitties the formal invasion of Scotland has commenced. His Lordship, in full formal regalia, briskly sheparded to the Poe Dee Um by comedy writer and broadcaster Bob Sinfield, has hit the boards in the land of Bobby Burns at the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival with "An Audience With Lord Buckley."

Translating freely and jazzily from and to the very heart of the hippest acoustic riffs attributed to The Great Master, Sinfield flipped the populance on it's lobes delivering the Gospel in cut, double, triple and hiptuple time continued!

In an August 22, 2007 article in The Herald reviewer Neil Cooper writes of the performance, "Pretty fly for a white guy, and something which Sinfield tackles with boundless aplomb in this fantastical and devoted run-through some of the great man's finest works."

The run is over, beloveds, but not the buzz. Click on the links to dig a little deeper.