RIFFS 2007
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Published August 31, 2007
His Lordship Stomps On The Afterburners

The issue of a new Lord Buckley recording is a rare and sweet occurance. It is also the occasion for celebration. Thus we hip Thee to a new sampling of hip wax straight from the gate and set on the plate.

Crown Prince Richard Buckley Jr., through his BMG Records is offering "Jet Ride" in both CD and downloadable forms at CDBay.com and on the ever hip and with it iTunes.

There are several recordings that will be new to most Buckleyphiles including "Leviathan", Satellite Blip Flip and the title track "Jet Ride." "Jet Ride" is the tremendously funny and highly imaginative narrative of His Lordship's first (and only) ride in a US Air Force fighter jet. Other tracks on the album are gleaned from previously issued recordings.