RIFFS 2007
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Published March 9, 2007
Report From The Fields: Crocodile Style

Regals and Swingers and all Hipheads that remain curious enough to stay on the current page of recent history, will want to click to flip to the Snap, Snap, Snap'n section here at LBC to dig a recent Crocodile City scene. Veteran Buckley interpretor Prince John Hostetter, with no little effort, conjured His Lordship at Daytona Beach Community College as part of a tribute to several local musicians.

Prince John sent along some of photographer Bill Thames' pics and laid a charming handful of semantic units on us, thus:


February 6, 2007

hi michael

sending along a few pics from last friday.
got to stretch a couple of wigs
with jonah and the whale.
i was gonna do the gasser
but i knew it would be the wrong thing to do
to put such a tight stud as buckley was
up against such a square crew as they were
on the bed of higher sensual consequence
without enlightening the folks a bit...
no badrapping.

we tenderize them a little more each year.