RIFFS 2006

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Published November 21, 2006
Tom Calagna Hips The Museum Well

Those gathered at the Margaret Mead Film Festival to view "Doc - a documentary", Immy Hume's beautiful film about her father Doc Humes, were treated to a tasty and swingin' bit of Lord Buckley prior to the screening. Veteran Buckley interpretor Tom Calagna stomped all the way across the IMAX theatre stage at The American Museum of Natural History pleasing, flipping and grooving the twelve hundred audience members with his lively version of "The Nazz". In the long gone before days, Doc Humes and Lord Buckley were right and tight buddy cats and it was Doc that lead the charge in 1960 trying to get His Lordship's cabaret card returned to him. Doc's efforts eventually lead to the repeal of the Cabaret Card laws. Also appearing was the great musician, composer and Buckley friend David Amram.